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Read reviews on Learning Tree and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Learning Tree get and what are the reasons for this?

About Learning Tree

Learning Tree offers IT training. There are advanced trainings in the areas of process optimization, technical skills for software development and cybersafe webinars. Further training in leadership and business skills for employees in the IT sector is also offered by Learning Tree.

If you are working for a particular company and want to increase your expertise and skills, it is better to enroll in an online class. You are more likely to spend more time on physical courses, mainly because most of them are not flexible enough to accommodate your tight schedule. Learning Tree is an online platform that helps individuals build on their careers by imparting critical skills in IT, programming, and other courses.

Once the scholar is done with the system, they are provided with a certificate to secure better positions in their places of work. Most people prefer Learning Tree over other platforms because it allows them to study any subject. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what position you hold in the company. So long as you are enrolled in Learning Tree, you have an opportunity to upgrade your skills, such as software development methodologies, which is a course that enables you to complete successful projects such as DevOps and Agile.

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Learning Tree

Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Tom

I participated in a Learning Tree course on Business Intelligence and learned a lot. The range of topics covered was excellent and I received a certificate upon successful completion. I can recommend these courses to anyone who wants to further their education in this area.

 by T. E.

I recently completed a learning tree course in cloud security. The course was very comprehensive and I feel that I learned a lot. The certificate I received upon successful completion was very well presented and I am proud to show it.

 by Polly

I participated in the Learning Tree Agile & Scrum course and it was very helpful. The mentoring was great and helped me a lot in my career.

How Well is Learning Tree Rated?

Learning Tree International's official website has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, which means that all the people who visited it were satisfied with the services provided by the platform. Most employees recommend working for the company, while visitors to the platform recommend the services offered by the company to new visitors. The number of positive reviews has increased significantly in recent months, which means that most people are satisfied with the trainers on the platform.

Is Learning Tree Legit?

Learning Tree is the most reliable online platform that provides visitors with the most amazing skills they cannot access anywhere else. According to the customer reviews on the platform's official website, most people are pleased with the platform's instructors. Most reviews are positive and praise well-informed instructors who know what they are doing since they have years of experience. Many visitors claim that they do not have any dislikes for the platform as it works as advertised.

The customer reviews are enough to help us conclude that the platform is legitimate. This is particularly true because the reviews show that most customers were pleased with the skills they got from the platform. Also, Learning Tree International is an old platform that has been operational since 1974. The fact that it has provided reliable services for that long and is still functional means that the platform is legitimate.

Are There Learning Tree Coupons or Discount Codes?

Coupons and discount codes are important because they make it easier for consumers to access certain products and services by spending less money. As a result, they can increase the number of products or services they receive without necessarily spending a lot. Learning Tree promo codes are available. One can access them on the platform's official website or contact them through media outlets that regularly update new promo codes on their website.

Depending on the promo codes, one can save up to 80 percent on Learning Tree fees. However, Learning Tree rarely offers discount codes. The best way to increase your chances of getting coupons is to register with the platform and enroll in one of the courses offered by the company.

Which Services Does Learning Tree Offer?

Learning Tree International is an IT training company. The company has done nothing but produce efficient and competent information and technology professionals since 1974. It is committed explicitly to offering corporations personalized training. The only way for a person to be competitive in their company is by learning in-demand skills. Unlike enrolling in a physical college focusing on varied skills, Learning Tree focuses on a given skill or topic with a broader study area.

This gives the student a chance to gain expertise in their current field of work or in new areas they might be interested in venturing. Once the individuals are trained, they are provided with certificates that enable them to go out and practice what they've learned. The platform is full of instructors who offer learning materials for their students that not only help them pass their examinations but can also use to apply the acquired knowledge to their careers.

However, Learning Tree limits the provision of its educational services to corporations' employees, governmental organizations, and partnerships that their respective organizations sponsor. Typically, the agreement is made between the platform and the employer.

What are Learning Tree's Order Process & Payment Methods?

Before Learning Tree offers a student access to any course, the student is required to make the payment in full. Students are also responsible for creating a complete payment of any applicable taxes. However, the platform provides a Pay-As-You-Learn Voucher program that allows the student to make small payments, which are expected to be made upon the receipt of the invoice.

The platform might suspend the services offered if the student's undisputed payment is overdue for more than five days. Learning Tree International accepts credit card payments and indicates that payments must be made in the currency identified in their service order. Students are responsible for all the wire transfers made.

What are Learning Tree's Costs and Cancellations?

Learning Tree charges depend on the Course undertaken and the amount of time the student will study the course. The platform might impose additional fees on the students for some of the services provided. However, all extra charges are communicated before they are set. Unfortunately, once payments are made, they are neither cancellable nor refundable. Payments should also be made within ten days from the invoice date, or the student will not access the course.

What is the Learning Tree Right of Return / Return Policy?

Students have the right to suspend the services provided by the company without liability. However, the company has to believe that the services provided are being violated reasonably. The student or the company may terminate the agreement, especially if the Agreement is breached. However, the company will not refund any deposited amount once the account or the contract is terminated.

How is Learning Tree Contact / Support?

Learning Tree International has very responsive customer support that responds to queries as soon as they are delivered. You can communicate with their customer service representative or contact their training advisor if you have any training needs.

For an immediate response, you can call or message the customer service provider at 1-888-843-8733 or the platform’s official email, uscustomerservice(at)learningtree.com. Contact the platform if you have any questions about payment methods, services provided by the company, and how long each course takes.

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